How to Make Dessert Pizza: Sweet Treats Done Right


To make dessert pizza, start by choosing a base such as cookie dough, brownies, or even a slab of melon. Next, add your toppings of choice such as fruit, candy, and other confections.

Customize your dessert pizza to your liking and enjoy!

Choosing The Perfect Base

The base of a dessert pizza is crucial in creating a delicious treat. Gone are the days of only using traditional pizza dough for savory pizzas. Dessert pizzas offer a variety of options for the base, allowing you to get creative with your flavors.

Cookie dough

If you have a sweet tooth, using cookie dough as the base is a perfect choice. The soft and chewy texture of the cookie dough complements the toppings and adds a delectable sweetness to every bite.


For chocolate lovers, brownies make an excellent base for dessert pizzas. The dense and fudgy brownie layer adds richness and pairs well with a wide range of toppings, from fresh fruits to gooey caramel.


If you’re looking for a healthier alternative, using a big slab of melon as the base is a refreshing and light option. The natural sweetness of the melon complements the toppings without adding any extra calories.

No matter which base you choose, make sure it complements the toppings you plan to use. Whether it’s cookie dough, brownies, or melon, the base plays a crucial role in creating a dessert pizza that will satisfy your cravings.

Creative Toppings


Fruit, candy, and other confections: The possibilities are endless

The base of a dessert pizza can be made with cookie dough, brownies, or even a big slab of melon. Once you have your crust, it’s time to get creative with the toppings. Customize your chocolate and s’mores dessert pizzas with an array of tasty ingredients. Try unique combinations such as cream cheese, brown sugar, and mini chocolate chips for a deliciously sweet treat. Or, mix things up with a cinnamon dessert pizza using easy pizza dough, brown sugar, powdered sugar, cinnamon, and milk. The choice is yours!

There’s no limit to the toppings you can experiment with. Feel free to let your imagination run wild and try different fruits, candies, and confections to create your own unique dessert pizza. From strawberries and Nutella to cream cheese and sugar cookie dough with fresh fruit, there are endless possibilities to satisfy your sweet tooth. So why not take your dessert game to the next level and try making a homemade dessert pizza today?

Baking And Serving Tips

When it comes to making a dessert pizza, there are a few tips and tricks to keep in mind. First, you need to decide on a crust. The base of a dessert pizza can be made with cookie dough, brownies, or even a big slab of melon. Next, it’s time to get creative with the toppings. You can use a variety of fruits, candies, and other confections to customize your dessert pizza.

If you want to make your dessert pizza ahead of time, it’s best to prepare the crust and toppings separately and assemble just before serving to ensure a crispy crust. When serving, consider adding a dollop of whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream for an extra indulgent experience. Whether you’re making a delicious Nutella pizza or a classic chocolate chip dessert pizza, these tips will help you create a delightful dessert that everyone will enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Make Dessert Pizza

What Is Dessert Pizza Made Of?

Dessert pizza is made with a crust made of cookie dough, brownies, or even melon. It is then topped with a variety of fruits, candies, and other confections. You can customize it with different toppings to make delicious chocolate or s’mores desserts.

What Dessert Can Be Made From Pizza Dough?

A delicious dessert that can be made from pizza dough is cinnamon rolls. They rise and have a yeasty flavor just like regular cinnamon rolls, and can be topped with cream cheese frosting. Another option is to make bread pudding with pizza dough.

How To Make Pizza At Home Steps?

To make pizza at home, follow these steps: 1. Start with a solid pizza dough recipe. 2. Make the dough and let it proof. 3. Prepare the sauce and toppings. 4. Shape the dough and add the sauce and toppings.

5. Bake the pizza and let it cool before serving.

How To Make Pizza 4 Step?

Here’s a short and SEO friendly answer for how to make pizza in 4 steps: 1. Start with a solid pizza dough recipe. 2. Prepare the toppings and sauce. 3. Shape the dough and add the toppings. 4. Bake the pizza and enjoy! Remember to follow these steps for a delicious homemade pizza.


Making dessert pizza is a fun and creative way to satisfy your sweet tooth. The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the crust and toppings. Whether you use cookie dough, brownies, or even a slice of melon as the base, you can customize it with your favorite fruits, candies, and confections.

So, grab your ingredients and get ready to indulge in a delicious and unique dessert experience with dessert pizza.



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